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By Amy Graham

This e-book serves as an advent and assessment of the seven wonders of the flora and fauna. It explains how nature by myself carved those websites that we so recognize. From the sea shorelines to the inland forests, realize how the flora and fauna is a gorgeous position.

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Plate tectonics—A geological theory stating that the earth’s crust and upper mantle are made of several plates that constantly move at a slow pace and that the interaction of these plates is the cause of most of earth’s geologic activity, including earthquakes. porous—Full of tiny holes that allow matter to pass through a membrane in an animal or plant. solar wind—Constant flow of charged particles from the Sun into the solar system. Chapter Notes Chapter 2. Mount Everest 1. : National Geographic Society, 2003), p.

They live together in groups called colonies. Each stony coral absorbs dissolved limestone from the ocean water. Using the limestone, the animal builds a skeleton for itself. When the coral dies, its rocky, white skeleton remains. Over the course of many years, the limestone builds up to form coral reefs. Early biologists mistook the colorful corals for plants. Actually they are animals related to jellyfish. Each coral polyp has a sac-like body with a single mouth hole. Like jellyfish, the polyps have stinging tentacles that help them catch their food.

5 Only time will tell how the Great Barrier Reef will handle these challenges. com, a division of Getty Images. All rights reserved. The flickering Northern Lights are still one of the most amazing sights of the natural world. Ribbons of green light stretch in an arc through the dark night sky. The glow shimmers and then fades. In another part of the heavens, a rose-colored flame intensifies. The color shifts, stretching and widening as you watch. Stars twinkle, visible through the curtains of color.

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