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By J.A.R. Samson and D.L. Ederer (Eds.)

This quantity is for practitioners, experimentalists, and graduate scholars in utilized physics, really within the fields of atomic and molecular physics, who paintings with vacuum ultraviolet purposes and are wanting identifying the easiest form of smooth instrumentation. It presents first-hand wisdom of the cutting-edge apparatus assets and provides technical info on tips to use it, besides a large reference bibliography.

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Applications. New applications of synchrotron radiation are changing the way that we must approach beamline design. In some experiments, access to an increased energy range is important. For example, in solid-state photoemission it is sometimes desirable to go to a low photon energy (<30 eV) to perform band mapping studies while being able to go to high photon energies (> 1500 eV) to measure core-level shifts. In addition, it is often important to tune rapidly between the low- and high-energy regions, while still preserving precise energy calibration.

6, it could cross the summed curve at up to two locations. Each of these will correspond to a position, w, on the grating, illuminated with a local photon flux per unit width, I(w). The flux per unit energy range di/d(AE) in the image plane therefore depends on I(w) at the w values of the crossing points and also on the gradient c~w/O(AE) in Fig. 6. For example, in the case of pure coma, the calculation proceeds as follows: ! Ay~oo - /"0 3w2F3oo [by Eq. (21)] COS fl0 d2 d(Ay') - do cos/3'o [by Eq.

I 10-3 10-2 10-1 100 Minor radius/major radius (p/R) FIG. 3. Relation of the energy resolution of a soft x-ray toroidal grating monochromator to the minor radius of the grating and thus to the curvature of the focal line. Parameters" included angle = 174~ do ~ = 1100/mm, 2 = 20 A, R = 55 m, arm lengths: set to satisfy the Rowland condition. Ay/c is determined mostly by the Fl20 aberration, which is large and dominates the spread function. If we now evaluate Ay;c [ 14] as the sagittal curvature of the toroid is gradually reduced so as to progress from a stigmatic toroid toward a sphere, we see that the resolution broadening caused by line curvature diminishes because of increasing cancellation among the three terms.

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