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They lead a hard life, filled with daily trials and tribulations most of us can’t begin to fathom. But also like bamboo, they are a strong, genuine lot who make the best of their circumstances. They endure whatever comes their way without complaint. They bear their burdens in silence. it’s all in a day’s work. They are, in a sense, bamboo personified. From the Fish Hut platforms to outriggers for their boats and the spines of their kites, the fishermen’s lives depend upon bamboo. At the same time, their gentle nature and enduring demeanor reflect the unique character and resilience of this precious, if not underrated, plant.

I then use that setting for my subsequent shots. Other cameras know lots about white cards, it just depends on how they have been programmed. A manually calibrated white balance will only work at one depth, so if I am moving up or down the water column over a few meters, and thus changing the length of the light path, I have to recalibrate the white balance. I keep my grey card stuffed under my BC’s cummerbund, and the calibration takes about 10 seconds. If I am only moving up or down less than a meter I tend not to bother recalibrating the white balance, instead relying on adjusting the colours in the RAW conversion software.

Close up lenses 2:1 (Twice life size) These optical devices are placed in front of the prime lens and enable them to focus closer usually about 10" in front of the lens. They can be taken on and off underwater which gives useful versatility. 2. Extension tubes These physical devices have no optics but just place the prime lens further away from the film. They are only available for Nikonos cameras. In theory, the further away a lens is from the film, the more light will be needed to get the right exposure but, in practice, because the flash to subject distances get smaller the longer the exension tube you use, the effect is thankfully virtually counteractive.

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