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By Alejandra Castaneda

Castaneda goals at bridging the divide among a critique of a state-centered inspiration of citizenship and the popularity of Mexican migrants as political actors, in addition to matters of the legislations. Migrants' tales and the transnational house they inhabit are political. Struggles for belonging, for citizenship--legal, cultural, or both--take position in migrants' daily lives. in keeping with information from Aguililla, Michoacan (Mexico) and Redwood urban, California (United States), Castaneda argues that citizenship lies on the crossroads of criminal definitions of club and senses of belonging. She keeps that citizenship is a domain of political fight, a fight that happens in daily interactions and within the relation among country and other people.

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Nation-states perform their own hegemony in relation to migrants. Understanding the performative and discursive dimension also allows an comprehensive perspective of how migrants interpret and respond to discourses and spectacles of power thereby reshaping the contours of the nations, states, and nationalisms they inhabit. Theories of nation and state point to questions of membership and democracy, issues that are at the forefront of this work. Underlying the discussion around democracy are prior assumptions about who is defined as a member of the national imagined community and who is excluded from it.

Their citizenship. To understand how migrants establish the terms of their belonging and allegiance to a given community, I conducted openended interviews and recorded life-history narratives, which afforded an in-depth view of the emotional side entailed in migration and helped understand how connections to the hometown or the country are maintained and imagined, as well as blurred. S. as nation-states define and limit migrants’ membership. S. 1996 Immigration law, California’s Proposition 187, and some aspects of the 1996 welfare reform legislation.

In this sense, the formation of a tradition of going to el otro lado as Rafael, a young man from Aguililla explained, has become a relevant factor of the socioeconomic context. People from Aguililla have had access to external goods to which they have become accustomed. In turn, Aguililla’s local economy has opened to some of these new 69 Informe Solidaridad Michoacán, 1998. 17. The Politics of Citizenship of Mexican Migrants 42 commodities. Furthermore, the cash that allows for this exchange usually comes from remittances.

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