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Download The PHP Anthology (Volume II) by Harry Fuecks PDF

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By Harry Fuecks

A compilation of most sensible perform recommendations to universal net improvement difficulties in Hypertext Preprocessor, concentrating on the fulfillment of sensible objectives through employing well-structured, item oriented software program layout principles.Volume 2 covers the functions of Hypertext Preprocessor within the genuine global together with authentication & entry regulate, XML, stats & monitoring, caching info to enhance functionality, layout suggestions and layout styles. The bankruptcy on layout styles is very exact because it teaches readers approximately universal item architectures that are used to resolve universal (though specific) problems.In addition to being an outstanding reference with over 60 customizable suggestions, the booklet acts as a great primer for item oriented Programming. personal home page five has now been published and has been given major OOP gains, that are a must-learn for Hypertext Preprocessor Developers.All code within the ebook is backwards suitable with previous models of personal home page.

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Com/ 25 Chapter 1: Access Control PEAR::HTML_QuickForm package (Volume I, Chapter 9) and phpmailer (Volume I, Chapter 8) to do some of the work for the registration system. The rest will be handled by classes I’ve built myself, but the end result will be easy for you to customize and reuse in your own applications. First of all, we need to visualize the process of (successfully) signing up a new user: 1. The user fills in the registration form. 2. On the user’s completion of the form, we insert a record into the signup table and send a confirmation email.

If you plan to let users change their email addresses once their accounts are created, you’ll also need to confirm the addresses before you store them against the appropriate records in the user table. You should be able to reuse the methods provided by the SignUp class for this purpose. You might even consider reusing the signup table to handle this task; some modifications will be required to have the confirm method check to see if a record already exists in the user table, and if so, update it instead of creating a new row.

USER_TABLE_EMAIL . "='$email', " . USER_TABLE_FIRST . "='$firstName', " . USER_TABLE_LAST . "='$lastName', " . USER_TABLE_SIGN . "='$signature', 30 More Classes! " . SIGNUP_TABLE_CONFIRM . "='$this->confirmCode', " . SIGNUP_TABLE_CREATED . "='" . time() . "'"; $result = $this->db->query($sql); if ($result->isError()) { return false; } else { return true; } } When the registration form is submitted, we’ll use this method to create a record of the signup. Note that when the system checks to see whether the submitted user name or email address already exists in the database, a match will trigger an error.

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