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Download Spreadsheet Exercises in Ecology and Evolution by Therese M. Donovan PDF

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By Therese M. Donovan

Each one spreadsheet workout offers a listing of pursuits, history fabric, and annotated step-by-step directions (Windows and Macintosh) for making a version on a given subject. scholars then learn how a number of parameters have an effect on version results and, via a collection of guided questions, are challenged to advance their version additional. within the approach, they develop into informed with a number of the services on hand on so much spreadsheet courses and discover ways to write and strengthen their very own macros. This name can be utilized independently because the foundation of a laboratory direction, or can complement quite a few texts. procedure specifications are Microsoft Excel or different spreadsheet application.

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The VLOOKUP function searches in the first column of a table for a value that you specify and returns the value of the corresponding cell in a different column. The VLOOKUP function needs three pieces of information: the value you want to find in the first column of the table, the cells that define the table (the upper-left and lowerright cells of the table), and the number of the column in the table that holds the information you want the formula to return. The formula =VLOOKUP(1,A4:B23,2) looks for the number 1 in the first column of the table defined by cells A4–B23, and it returns the value of the cell from the same row in the second column.

Also compare the three exponential functions you graphed in step B6. 4. How does the power function look if you enter different values for the power (p) in cell C52? Try values greater than one, equal to one, less than one, and less than zero. You will have to reformat the axes of your graph to see some of these effects. Also compare the three power functions you graphed in step B11. 5. Find examples of all three kinds of functions in your textbook or in other books or papers about ecology or biology.

3 STATISTICAL DISTRIBUTIONS Objectives • • • • Become familiar with properties of the normal distribution. Construct a frequency histogram of a trait for a population. Become familiar with properties of the binomial distribution. Become familiar with properties of the Poisson distribution. INTRODUCTION In your studies of ecology and evolution, you will very likely come across a variety of statistical distributions and their uses. If you haven’t taken a course on statistics, learning about these distributions may seem like learning a foreign language.

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