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By Hazel Muir

Uncomplicated and available, Science in Seconds is a finished, wonderful advent to 2 hundred key medical principles. each one notion is obviously discovered with a worthwhile visible and a concise clarification. The thoughts integrated span the entire key medical disciplines, together with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Biotechnology, Anatomy and body structure, medication, Earth technology, strength iteration, Astronomy, Spaceflight and knowledge know-how. using vibrant, academic illustrations--inspired through clinical examine suggesting that the mind top absorbs details visually--these compact and conveyable reference publications are perfect research neighbors or vacation presents, and enlightening analyzing for all.

Hazel Muir studied astrophysics at Edinburgh collage earlier than turning into a employees editor and author at New Scientist. at the moment a contract author, she nonetheless frequently contributes to BBC Sky At Night journal, and has additionally written for Wired UK. She has received overseas awards for her articles from the yank Institute of Physics and the Acoustical Society of the US.

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Gamma rays have tiny wavelengths, often smaller than an atom, while radio waves can be thousands of miles across. We only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum—visible light spanning the rainbow of colors from violet to red. Visible sunlight passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and reflects off objects allowing us to see them. Many insects, fish, and birds can also see ultraviolet radiation, which attracts bees to flowers. Gamma rays are much more penetrating and can pass through several centimeters of lead.

Glass lenses in eyeglasses and optical instruments like telescopes are specially shaped to refract light rays onto the required paths for correcting poor vision or focusing starlight. 58 59 Diffraction Diffraction describes the way waves bend around obstacles they encounter. A classic example is the way that water waves fan out when long, straight wavefronts encounter a narrow opening, then emerge as small circular waves beyond it. The effect is easy to demonstrate by creating ripples in a tray of water containing a barrier with two gaps in it.

In the bulk of a liquid, molecules face a tug of war in which they’re pulled equally in all directions by neighboring molecules, so the forces on them cancel out. But surface molecules lack upward force, so they’re pulled together and down, making the surface contract to its minimum size. Surface tension holds water droplets together and would make them spherical in the absence of other forces such as gravity, because a sphere has the smallest surface to volume ratio. Many animals take advantage of surface tension on ponds.

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