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By Peter MacIntyre, Brian Danchilla, Mladen Gogala

When you are an online programmer, you want to comprehend smooth Hypertext Preprocessor. This e-book provides with many new components during which personal home page performs a wide position. to be able to write a cellular software utilizing geo-location info, professional personal home page Programming will convey you the way. also, if you would like to ensure that you could write a multilingual indexing software utilizing Sphinx, this publication may also help you stay away from the pitfalls. professional Hypertext Preprocessor Programming offers with filtering info from clients and databases subsequent, so you may be organized for relational and NoSQL databases. after all, you may also know about information retrieval from different assets, like OCR libraries or web pages. Then the query of the way to layout and current info arises, and in seasoned personal home page Programming, you will find suggestions through JSON, AJAX and XML.

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Info CHAPTER 3 ■ MOBILE PHP //audio information print "

Supported Audio Formats:
"; foreach ( $teraWURFL->capabilities ['sound_format'] as $name => $value ) { if ($value == "true") { print $name . > Figure 3-2. Output of Listing 3-18, displaying the device image Rendering Tools To dynamically adjust content on different mobile devices we can use several tools. These include abstract markup using the Wireless Abstraction Library (WALL), automatic image resizing and CSS media properties.

When function f2 was called, the original variable was modified, as is visible from the last printout of the variable a. References can also be returned from a function. This shouldn’t be done to improve performance, as PHP does it automatically. To reiterate: a reference is simply another name for an existing variable. References can be used to circumvent the visibility protection, provided by the keyword private or protected. Listing 2-7 is an example. Listing 2-7. info CHAPTER 2 ■ EXCEPTIONS AND REFERENCES function set_x($x) { $this->x = $x; } } $a = new test6(); $b = &$a->get_x(); // $b is a reference to $x->a.

This little script is replete with things to note about the exceptions. The $argv array is a predefined global array that contains the command line arguments. There is also a predefined global variable $argc containing the number of command line arguments, just like in the C language. Now, let’s devote our attention to the exceptions and their syntax. First, we defined an Exception class, which essentially ignores the existing structure of the Exception class and doesn’t even call the parent::__construct method in the constructor of the extended class.

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