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By Bertrand Russell

During this quantity Bertrand Russell outlines the fundamental tenets of his political code. He exhibits that to imagine, converse and act with out interference is our such a lot loved freedom, and that political beliefs has to be dependent upon the beliefs of the person.

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It is a booklet made for a Political technology classification (Poly5300). It has 346/512 pages (no intro pages or 'junk pages') you could say many of the ebook is in there and has many of the vital chapters.

Check together with your sessions syllabus to determine what chapters you employ, probably they're during this version.

It's lacking bankruptcy 6, 10, and no matter what is after bankruptcy 15 (except pages 437-452).

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There is probably one purpose, and only one, for which the use of force by a government is beneficent, and that is to diminish the total amount of force used m the world. It is clear, for example, that the legal prohibition of murder diminishes the total amount of violence in the world. And no one would maintain that parents should have unlimited freedom to ill-treat their children. So long as some men wish to do violence to others, there cannot be complete liberty, for either the wish to do violence must be restrained, or the victims must be left to suffer.

In an important political issue, some degree of knowledge is likely to be diffused in time; but in other matters there is little hope that this will happen. It may be said that the power of officials is much less dangerous than the power of capitalists, because officials have no economic interests that are opposed to those of wage-earners. But this argument involves far too simple a theory of political human natureā€”a theory which orthodox socialism adopted from the classical political economy, and has tended to retain in spite of growing evidence of its falsity.

Vast tracts of Africa become recruiting grounds for the labor required in the gold and diamond mines of the Rand, Rhodesia, and Kimberley; for this purpose, the population is demoralized, taxed, driven into revolt, and exposed to the contamination of European vice and disease. Healthy and vigorous races from Southern Europe are tempted to America, where sweating and slum life reduce their vitality if they do not actually cause their death. What damage is done to our own urban populations by the conditions under which they live, we all know.

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