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This imaging chip has one simple task: to measure any light that hits it. When you take a photograph, thousands and thousands of tiny little light meters measure how much light has gone through your lens, into the camera body. When you are taking photos, all you are doing is adjusting how much light actually goes into the camera body. You do that by adjusting three settings on your camera: the shutter speed, the aperture, and the ISO. Imagine for a second that your camera body is a bucket, and you have been asked to fill this bucket.

Enues v t i l dly In ba ng in high e ti shoo an be a lif n i c ISO ISO 1600 — saver ase. c this Photography Basics 49 With newer dSLR cameras, don’t be afraid of shooting in high ISO—the noise can in some circumstances actually add to the photo. This one, for example, was shot at an incredible ISO 12,800. ISO and film speeds Back in the days of film, you would choose which film speed you wanted. The difference was that ISO 400 film was a lot more sensitive than ISO 100 film; so if you knew you were going to take photos in low light, you could help your camera along by loading the appropriate film.

Needless to say, you will be able to fill the bucket with water with any of the three hoses—the difference is how long it takes. No part of this photo is too bright or too dark, and there is plenty of detailed definition in the gray area between deep black and brilliant white. Perfect exposure, then! 32 Focus On Photographing People The word fast ­ hotography p in Photographers often speak about fast and slow in ways that can be a little confusing. I’m trying to be consistent in this book, but the following list might come in handy.

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