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By Daan J. A. Crommelin, Robert D. Sindelar, Bernd Meibohm

This introductory textual content explains either the fundamental technology and the functions of biotechnology-derived prescribed drugs, with precise emphasis on their medical use. It serves as a whole one-stop resource for undergraduate/graduate pharmacists, pharmaceutical technology scholars, and for these within the pharmaceutical undefined. The Fourth version will thoroughly replace the former variation, and also will comprise extra assurance at the more moderen ways corresponding to oligonucleotides, siRNA, gene remedy and nanotech.

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DNAs from the library are converted into single-stranded DNA and then confronted with a probe that reflects a very characteristic segment of the desired gene. Hybridization will, provided that the probe has the required specificity, only occur with target DNA molecules that harbor the gene of interest. The use of DNA hybridization probes in diagnostic testing in humans can be illustrated by using cystic fibrosis (CF) as an example. The frequency of this heritable and deadly disease is approximately once in 2000 live births making it the most frequent genetic disorder among Caucasians.

The human insulin protein is apparently extensively processed after translation. Processing proceeds in two steps. The primary product, called preproinsulin, is 110 amino acids long in accordance with the prediction from the DNA sequence. During the membrane translocation of the protein the “pre” part of the protein, a stretch of 24 amino acids serving as the leader sequence for membrane translocation, is cleaved off. The remaining protein, 86 amino acids long, is called proinsulin. This protein is further processed in pancreatic cells, while an internal fragment (called the C or connecting chain) of 33 amino acids together with a few assorted amino acids is enzymatically removed.

A better understanding of cellular differentiation processes combined with genetic modification technology of plant cells may help in overcoming these problems and allow for a more efficient use of plant n 21 cell cultures in pharmaceutical biotechnology. To circumvent the plant culturing problems one might exploit the recombinant DNA technology, described before. Several of the plant genes which encode enzymes involved in biosynthesis of pharmaceutically active compounds have been cloned. Expression of such genes in heterologous host systems opens an ex planta way for enzymatic synthesis of active compounds.

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