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How Cool Stuff Works

Ever questioned why your running shoes are so comfortable or how your cellular works? you employ many types of impressive expertise each day yet do you've any inspiration how they honestly paintings? turn to the evidence during this terrific publication with remarkable illustrations and eye-popping factors. Dazzle your folks along with your wisdom of devices and gizmos.

Margaret Sanger: Rebel For Women's Rights (Women in Medicine)

Sanger was once the founding father of the contraception move within the usa and was once a global chief within the box. Her paintings as a nurse confident her that restricting the dimensions of households via optional contraception used to be had to in attaining social growth.

Emergency In Escape Pod Four

Meet Stuart Zissu, a 12-year-old insurgent, and 4B-X, a super-smart droid who can resolution virtually each clinical query. They sign up for the well-known droids R2-D2 and C-3PO on a best mystery challenge for the uprising. After stormtroopers assault their send, Stuart and the droids needs to use 4B-X's clinical wisdom with a purpose to pilot and land their runaway get away pod--or else.

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The cell functions according to its new instructions. Ribosome CYTOPLASM CELL 3 billion Human Cell The approximate number of DNA base pairs that make up the human genome Nucleus: contains genetic material Chromosomes (23 pairs) Cytoplasm: fluid medium with structures called organelles Sec tion of D NA Ribosomes: bodies that assemble proteins TRANSCRIPTION 1 To produce a protein, the two chains of DNA separate at the place that has the instructions to produce it. 2 The DNA code is copied by a similar type of molecule called RNA.

74 CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY 75 Smart Clothing W ith the invention of smart fabrics and computerized apparel, our clothing will undergo in the coming years one of the most dramatic and surprising evolutions since humans first began wearing clothes. Some of these new breakthroughs already exist: they are showing up for the first time in the market and are becoming readily available for mass consumption. Among them are materials that integrate features that would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago-for example, clothing that not only informs the wearer of the body's response to physical activity but also modifies itself to improve performance.

Sounds an alarm when a house intruder is detected. SECURITY PROTECTION warns of such dangers as fire, water or gas leaks, and electrical faults. COMFORT AND ECONOMY systems to make the home comfortable and to use energy efficiently. Power-failure detector Emergency lighting Mail detector Sensors to detect open doors and windows Turns on emergency lighting Video camera A video system monitors the access points to the house. 72 CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY 73 Nanotubes Nanotechnology are currently the stars of the field of nanotechnology.

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