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By Sharon Turner

A sew trend dictionary is a must have for each knitter's bookshelf. a set of sew mixtures — every thing from uncomplicated knit-and-purl stitches to extra advanced cables, lace, and colorwork — permits knitters to create their very own designs or alter present styles with ease.

The content material is undying (unlike a publication that includes styles for garments), so this hardcover booklet can have an extended shelf lifestyles and may have the aptitude to be an outstanding backlist performer for future years.

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Place sts on holder. Side Panels (make 2) With smaller needle and two strands of color A, cast on 16 (20, 28) sts. Work seed st for 6 rows. Change to larger needle and work in random stripe pattern until piece measures 9" (23 cm) from beginning. Change to smaller needle and work seed st for 6 rows. Bind off loosely in pattern. Sew back panels together. Bind off the shoulders together (see three-needle bind-off on page 127). 56 Side Borders With smaller needle, RS facing, and beginning at lower right back, use two strands of color A to pick up by knitting 232 (248, 256) sts up the back and down to the lower right front (pick up in two rows and skip a row).

This st is the first st of each round. Knit the first round, marking the sides by placing a marker between the 53rd and 54th sts and between the 197th and 198th sts—257 sts on needle. Main Color Pattern Work rounds 1–31 of chart 1 once. Begin chart 2 and work rounds 1–51. Remember to alternate the colors in the steek on every st and every round. Reserve Underarm Stitches Next Round (round 52 of chart 2): Work to 15 sts before right underarm marker. Place next 30 sts, including marker, on holder.

Right Front Place right-front sts on needle. Attach yarn. Shape armhole and neck as follows. Next Row (RS): K1, ssk (neck decrease), knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1 (armhole decrease). Repeat armhole shaping every other row 6 more times; repeat neck shaping every 12th row 8 more times—16 sts on the needle. Work in garter st for 106 rows, ending with a RS row. Place sts on holder. Shoulders With right sides held together, bind off shoulder seams together (see page 127 for three-needle bind-off). Black (Color A) Dark Fawn (Color B) Dark Red Brown (Color C) 17 15 13 11 9 7 5 3 1 End Repeat 51 Folk Vests Front/Neck Borders Borders are worked in St st with a facing.

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