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By Ron Hitchens

Many critical Java programmers, particularly firm Java programmers, think of the hot I/O API--called NIO for brand spanking new Input/Output--the most crucial characteristic within the 1.4 model of the Java 2 normal variation. The NIO package deal comprises many stuff which were lacking from prior variants of Java which are serious to writing high-performance, large-scale functions: advancements within the components of buffer administration, scalable community and dossier I/O, character-set help, and ordinary expression matching. so much of all, it boosts functionality and velocity dramatically.Java NIO explores the hot I/O services of model 1.4 intimately and exhibits you ways to place those positive aspects to paintings to enormously enhance the potency of the Java code you write. This compact quantity examines the common demanding situations that Java programmers face with I/O and exhibits you the way to use the functions of the recent I/O good points. You?ll tips on how to positioned those instruments to paintings utilizing examples of universal, real-world I/O difficulties and spot how the recent positive aspects have a right away influence on responsiveness, scalability, and reliability. The ebook includes:

  • A rundown of the hot positive aspects in NIO
  • Basic and complex I/O Concepts
  • Binary I/O and the hot buffer classes
  • Memory mapped documents and dossier locking
  • Character I/O: encoding, interpreting and reworking personality data
  • Regular Expressions and the recent java.util.regex package
  • Muliplexing with java.nio

Because the NIO APIs complement the I/O positive aspects of model 1.3, instead of exchange them, you will additionally examine while to exploit new APIs and while the older 1.3 I/O APIs are higher suited for your specific application.Java NIO is for any Java programmer who's drawn to studying the best way to develop I/O functionality, but when you are constructing purposes the place functionality is important, similar to video game computing or large-scale company purposes, you might want to supply this booklet an everlasting spot in your bookshelf. With the NIO APIs, Java not takes a backseat to any language in terms of functionality. Java NIO may help you recognize the advantages of those fascinating new features.

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Channels; public interface Channel { public boolean isOpen( ); public void close( ) throws IOException; } Unlike buffers, the channel APIs are primarily specified by interfaces. Channel implementations vary radically between operating systems, so the channel APIs simply describe what can be done. Channel implementations often use native code, so this is only natural. The channel interfaces allow you to gain access to low-level I/O services in a controlled and portable way. As you can see by the top-level Channel interface, there are only two operations common to all channels: checking to see if a channel is open (isOpen( )) and closing an open channel (close( )).

AllocateDirect( ) with the desired capacity, just like the allocate( ) method we covered earlier. Note that wrapped buffers, those created with one of the wrap( ) methods, are always non-direct. public abstract class ByteBuffer extends Buffer implements Comparable { // This is a partial API listing public static ByteBuffer allocate (int capacity) public static ByteBuffer allocateDirect (int capacity) public abstract boolean isDirect( ); } All buffers provide a boolean method named isDirect( ) to test whether a particular buffer is direct.

Arrays are objects in Java, and the way data is stored inside that object could vary from one JVM implementation to another. For this reason, the notion of a direct buffer was introduced. Direct buffers are intended for interaction with channels and native I/O routines. They make a best effort to store the byte elements in a memory area that a channel can use for direct, or raw, access by using native code to tell the operating system to drain or fill the memory area directly. Direct byte buffers are usually the best choice for I/O operations.

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