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By Chris Woodford

Ever questioned why your running shoes are so comfortable or how your cellular works? you utilize many sorts of marvelous expertise on a daily basis yet do you've gotten any suggestion how they honestly paintings? turn to the proof during this remarkable booklet with striking illustrations and eye-popping causes. Dazzle your folks together with your wisdom of contraptions and gizmos. a funky ebook for cool teenagers!

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How Cool Stuff Works

Ever puzzled why your running shoes are so relaxed or how your cellular works? you employ many different types of fantastic expertise each day yet do you've any proposal how they truly paintings? turn to the proof during this remarkable e-book with outstanding illustrations and eye-popping reasons. Dazzle your pals together with your wisdom of instruments and gizmos.

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Sanger was once the founding father of the contraception circulation within the usa and used to be a global chief within the box. Her paintings as a nurse confident her that restricting the dimensions of households via non-obligatory contraception was once had to in attaining social growth.

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Information travels across the Internet in packets of data, known as packet switching. A user-friendly Internet application known as the World Wide Web, or WWW, lets us view pages of information and create our own. We can now share information, exchange ideas, and form online communities with people thousands of miles away thanks to the Internet’s global village. >> Networks in nature Strands of a spider’s web Lines represent paths information can travel across the Internet. Image: computer graphic of information travelling across the Internet 5.

It was called Tennis for Two, and it was played on an oscilloscope – a device for measuring sound waves. The first video game that you could play on a television was called Pong and introduced in 1975. It involved two players hitting a ball back and forwards across the screen – another tennis game! Today’s console games are both far more sophisticated in their design and more challenging to play. From building and running imaginary cities to re-creating realistic battle scenes, the games are so complex that they can cost as much to make as a movie.

Screen is 3 m (10 ft) high and is 7 m (22 ft) in diameter. K AC B , , Tholos is a Greek word for circular temple. Tholos pods are modelled on the ancient temple of Apollo, now in ruins on Mount Parnassus, Greece. . As video-phone technology improves, more people will be able to maintain visual contact while using their mobile phones. D AR W FOR 41 . Connect STEP 1 Superbird-A2, uses booster engine to spin into position. Onboard computer charges hydrogen batteries from Sun’s energy. STEP 3 u In 2004 Superbird-A2, a Japanese communications satellite, was launched from a 25 m- (82 ft-) long Atlas rocket.

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