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By Gabriel Reuben

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Follow this procedure: Cut the wire into two 3Y2-foot lengths and one 8-foot length. Whittle the wood from the pencil until you have an unbroken and uncovered 3-inch strip of pencil lead (graphite). Take the flashlight dry cells apart carefully until you uncover the carbon core of each of them. Turn the box upside down. Place the two pieces of carbon from the dry cells on top of it, parallel to each other and about 2 inches apart. Puncture holes in the box on both sides of each piece of carbon.

Direct curren t has a steady flow in one directi on. It was the first kind of electri c curren t develo ped. It is not in extens ive use today becaus e it loses much of its energy when carried over great distances. It is still used, howev er, in autom obile, flashlight, and other circuit s which get their electricity from batteri es or single cells, and for certain tasks, such as electroplating (like the copper - and silverp lating which you have alread y done) . The curren t must flow steadil y in one directi on for the metal in the electro lyte to be deposi ted on the object being electro plated.

After 30 minutes, remove the key from the solution. You will observe: The key is silverplated. The silver nitrate solution serves as an electrolyte which separates itself into silver molecules and nitrate radicals (nitrogen-and-oxygen molecules) . The silver molecules, having a positive electrical charge, are attracted to the key, which is negative because of its attachment to the negative terminal of one of the dry cells. Silver from the silverplated object passes into the electrolyte, replacing the silver that settles on the key.

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