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By R.F. Nagaev

This ebook provides a rational scheme of research for the periodic and quasi-periodic answer of a large category of difficulties inside technical and celestial mechanics. It develops steps for the decision of sufficiently basic averaged equations of movement, that have a transparent actual interpretation and are legitimate for a huge classification of weak-interaction difficulties in mechanics. the factors of balance concerning desk bound suggestions of those equations are derived explicitly and correspond to the extremum of a different "potential" functionality. a lot attention is given to functions in vibrational know-how, electric engineering and quantum mechanics, and a few effects are offered which are instantly precious in engineering perform. The e-book is meant for mechanical engineers, physicists, in addition to utilized mathematicians focusing on the sphere of normal differential equations.

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44) ' I-L (x, y, z) where the integral is evaluated over the whole space and I-L denotes the magnetic permeability of the medium. In accordance with eq. 45) that is, W is a homogeneous quadratic form of the currents iI, ... ,im which are understood as being analogous to the generalised velocities. With this in view, W is an analogue of the kinetic energy for the electromagnetic field. 46) 44 2. Conservative dynamical systems where € = c (x, y, z) denotes dielectric permittivity of the medium and the integral is evaluated over the space between the capacitor plates.

98) and the feasibility of determining YI, ... ,Yn in closed form is guaranteed through the integrability of eq. 96). This justifies the validity of the initial statement completely. This is the situation which one faces while investigating the so-called fast gyroscope of Hess [7]. Motion of a heavy rigid body about a fixed point is known to be governed by the vectorial Euler-Poisson equations d'L Tt+wxL=pxP, d'l/ dt +w x 1/ = o. 99) Here w is the angular velocity of the body, L = J . w denotes its kinetic moment, J is the tensor of inertia at the immovable point, P is the gravity force, p is the radius vector of the centre of mass, 1/ is the unit vector of the vertical axis, and a prime means that the time-derivative is taken in the moving frame which is rigidly bounded to the body.

Ir j=I = Osr. is (8 = 1, ... , n) are linearly independent, even in the case of the multiple eigenvalues. iszs. i=I Taking into account eq. 86) The general integral of eq. 86) for ZI ax = Al aa + A2 8 = 1 is given by, (ax ah ax dw ) + aa dh t see eq. 87) , where Al and A2 are constant values. This can be proved easily by directly differentiating eq. 78) with respect to parameters of the generating solution a and h. To solve eq. 86) for 8 = 2, ... 88) We will additionally take into account that, by virtue of eq.

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