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Download Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?: And Other by Sandy Donovan, Colin W. Thompson PDF

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By Sandy Donovan, Colin W. Thompson

An apple an afternoon retains the physician away. people use in simple terms ten percentage in their brains. when you go your eyes, they are going to remain that approach. you've heard those universal sayings and ideology ahead of. yet are they honestly real? Can they be confirmed utilizing technology? Let's examine seventeen health-related statements and discover which of them are correct, which of them are fallacious, and which of them nonetheless stump scientists! discover if the 5 moment rule for shedding foodstuff at the ground is correct! observe if consuming chocolate may give you zits! See for those who can inform the variation among truth and fiction with Is truth?

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In spite of what adults may have told you, no eyes have ever become stuck in the cross-eyed position. Crossing your eyes on purpose may tire your eye muscles. But it won’t lead to permanently crossed eyes. 32 In fact, while nearly every child has crossed his or her eyes on purpose at least once, only about 4 percent of children in the United States have cross-eye. This condition’s real name is strabismus. Strabismus causes the eyes to line up incorrectly. It makes a person’s eyes appear as if they are looking in two different directions.

Pp. 30–31; © Doug Benc/Getty Images, p. 31 (inset); © Dr P. , p. 33 (top); © UpperCut Images/Getty Images, p. com/Brigitte Smith, pp. 34–35; © Envision/CORBIS, p. 35 (inset); © Image Source/Getty Images, p. 36 (background); Everett Collection, p. 36 (inset); © Tanya Constantine/Photodisc/Getty Images, p. 37. com/Paul W. com/Sean Locke (right). viruses, 5, 15, 21 vitamins, 12–13, 27, 34 yawning, 18–19 Copyright © 2010 by Sandy Donovan All rights reserved. International copyright secured. , except for the inclusion of brief quotations in an acknowledged review.

Urban Legends. Farmington Hills, MI: Lucent Books, 2006. This in-depth book contains a wealth of information on urban legends—those well-known myths and stories about health, food, animals, celebrities, and other topics. org/kid This site has the answers to lots of common questions about health. Packard, Mary. Mythbusters: Don’t Try This at Home! San Francisco: JosseyBass, 2006. Come along with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman—stars of the popular Discovery Channel show Mythbusters—as they examine fifteen fascinating myths.

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