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By Dorling Kindersley

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How Cool Stuff Works

Ever puzzled why your running shoes are so secure or how your cellular works? you utilize many varieties of outstanding expertise each day yet do you have got any concept how they truly paintings? turn to the evidence during this amazing publication with impressive illustrations and eye-popping causes. Dazzle your folks along with your wisdom of contraptions and gizmos.

Margaret Sanger: Rebel For Women's Rights (Women in Medicine)

Sanger used to be the founding father of the contraception flow within the usa and was once a global chief within the box. Her paintings as a nurse confident her that proscribing the dimensions of households via non-obligatory contraception used to be had to in achieving social growth.

Emergency In Escape Pod Four

Meet Stuart Zissu, a 12-year-old insurgent, and 4B-X, a super-smart droid who can resolution nearly each medical query. They subscribe to the recognized droids R2-D2 and C-3PO on a best mystery challenge for the uprising. After stormtroopers assault their send, Stuart and the droids needs to use 4B-X's clinical wisdom so one can pilot and land their runaway get away pod--or else.

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The ship’s clock was upside down and had stopped.  The sextant (instrument for celestial navigation) and chronometer (shipping timepiece) were missing.  The Captain’s bed was sodden and there was water between the decks.  Under the bed was the Captain’s sword, with red stains.  The lifeboat was missing, leaving a frayed rope.  The cargo of 1,700 barrels of pure alcohol was intact, except for nine empty barrels.  On board, there was food to last six months.  The last entry in the ship’s log was about a week old.

Of our eyes The pattern of marks in the iris is as unique as a fingerprint. he iris in t o t n r inal! patte ifferent is is truly orig d a s a ir h one eye ther eye. Each all in is ir o e me . Th a the s e ife ys th your l a t s h r iris throug to You ras e. e ey am ll c your a o sm of int e. use raph d s e d g em lat c co yst photo s s i n d n t tra metr fin e. itio nstan n e g o i d b io o t rec ke an y co an a b r s c i r c a o I d t s ri ph calle em et a r m m g m ts bio i oto l for h p ta ns he ca or t Iris digi s f r a te tch u p m ma co a A 62 63 Iris recognition Ir m is re a ach co pr in gn iva es it te an ion Pe d co rs cre ul on d d al it c be Id ar us en ds e tifi in d f ca st or tio ea ca n d o sh Nu f m us be in r( g PI N) .

How the numbers add up Below are the numbers 0 to 9 in their bar code form. For each number there are two versions—the first one is used in the first half of the bar code and the second version is used in the second half. The second version is the same as the first, but substitutes bars for spaces, and vice versa. Representing the numbers in the two halves in a different way like this means that the bar code can be scanned in any direction and the computer can still figure out which bit of information is which.

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