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By Professor Dr. Vladimir M. Agranovich, Professor Dr. Vitaly Ginzburg (auth.)

Spatial dispersion, specifically, the dependence of the dielectric-constant tensor at the wave vector (i.e., at the wavelength) at a set frequency, is receiving elevated awareness in electrodynamics and condensed-matter optics, partic­ ularly in crystal optics. not like frequency dispersion, specifically, the frequency dependence of the dielectric consistent, spatial dispersion is of curiosity in optics ordinarily while it results in qualitatively new phenomena. One such phenomenon has been weH recognized for a few years; it's the ordinary optical task (gyrotropy). yet there are different fascinating results as a result of spatial dispersion, particularly, new basic waves close to absorption traces, optical anisotropy of cubic crystals, etc. Crystal optics that takes spatial dispersion under consideration contains classical crystal optics with frequency dispersion in basic terms, as a different case. In our opinion, this truth by myself justifies efforts to enhance crystal optics with spatial dispersion taken under consideration, even supposing admittedly its impression is smaH often times and it truly is observable in basic terms lower than fairly detailed stipulations. in addition, spatial dispersion in crystal optics merits awareness from one other aspect to boot, specifically, the research of excitons that may be eager about gentle. We contend that crystal optics with spatial dispersion and the idea of excitons are fields that overlap to an outstanding quantity, and that it truly is occasionally fairly most unlikely to split them. it's our goal to teach the real interaction be­ tween those interrelations and to mix the macroscopic and microscopic techniques to crystal optics with spatial dispersion and exciton theory.

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If, however, we do not look at this problem from the viewpoint of formal analogy, we ean readily find points of eontaet with electrodynamics in the meehanics of eontinuous media as weIl. This is also true, for instanee, for the problem of spatial dispersion. 15], ete. 3 The Approximation of Classical Crystal Optics. The Tensor Gij(m,k) in an Isotropie Medium Neglecting spatial dispersion, in a nonmagnetic medium (i. lij = öij) the tensor eij(m,k) goes over to the tensor eij(w) used in classical crystal optics.

1 The Tensor eij(w, k) and Its Properties 25 external sources in the medium itself. In this case the wave vector depends on 01, for example, and in the case of uniform normal plane waves k = (OJ/c)n(OJ,s)s. H, however, k = k(OJ), spatial dispersion may seem to be equivalent to frequency dispersion. The ans wer to the question this poses is in the following. 1) by the continuity equation: div j ext + öPex/öt = 0 k· jext(OJ,k) or = OJPext(OJ,k) . Under these conditions a field E can be produced with any independent values of 01 and k [the component E(OJ,k) is expressed, in the final analysis, in terms ofjext(OJ,k) and Pext(OJ,k); for details see Sect.

L, or, physically, a transition to low values of k. l, rather than the quantities 8 tr and 810. The situation, however, is quite different in optics, as we have already stressed. It proves expedient, in general, to use only the tensor eij(w,k), without introducing the magnetic permeability tensor. w)k xE(w,k). Evidently, as w-+O, this equation can be applied only when simultaneously performing the limiting transition k-+O [Ref. 1, §§2 and 3]. 1 or 45), we can evidently, by redefining the fields E, D, Band H, write any number of other equivalent systems of equations, with corresponding relations between the vectors E, D, Band H.

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