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By Douglas Stinson

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The Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications

"Thorough and entire assurance from one of many preferable specialists in browser protection. "
--Tavis Ormandy, Google Inc.

Modern internet purposes are outfitted on a tangle of applied sciences which were constructed over the years after which haphazardly pieced jointly. every bit of the internet software stack, from HTTP requests to browser-side scripts, comes with very important but sophisticated defense outcomes. to maintain clients secure, it really is crucial for builders to expectantly navigate this landscape.

In The Tangled internet, Michal Zalewski, one of many world's most sensible browser defense specialists, bargains a compelling narrative that explains precisely how browsers paintings and why they're essentially insecure. instead of dispense simplistic suggestion on vulnerabilities, Zalewski examines the total browser defense version, revealing vulnerable issues and delivering an important details for shoring up internet software protection. You'll find out how to:
* practice universal yet unusually advanced initiatives equivalent to URL parsing and HTML sanitization
* Use smooth security measures like Strict delivery defense, content material protection coverage, and Cross-Origin source Sharing
* Leverage many editions of the same-origin coverage to soundly compartmentalize advanced internet functions and guard person credentials in case of XSS insects
* construct mashups and embed contraptions with out getting stung by means of the tough body navigation coverage
* Embed or host user-supplied content material with no working into the seize of content material sniffing
for fast reference, "Security Engineering Cheat Sheets" on the finish of every bankruptcy provide prepared options to difficulties you're probably to come across. With insurance extending so far as deliberate HTML5 gains, The Tangled internet may help you create safe net purposes that stand the attempt of time.

The Information Security Dictionary Defining The Terms That Define Security For E-Business, Internet, Information And Wireless Technology

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Einführung in die Kryptographie (Springer-Lehrbuch)

"Bist du nicht willig, so brauch` ich Gewalt" -- ein Grundsatz, der mit moderner PC-Leistungsfähigkeit auch für einige Verschlüsselungsmethoden gilt. Im Zuge der immer weiter gehenden Vernetzung von Unternehmen, Haushalten und Privatpersonen wird ein gesicherter Datentransfer immer wichtiger. Auch wenn einige Institutionen gern suggerieren, guy befinde sich in einem hochgradig mafia-nahem Zustand, wünsche guy eine sichere Verschlüsselung für inner most e mail, zeigen politische Streitereien um weltweite Abkommen die Brisanz und Wichtigkeit starker Verschlüsselungstechniken.

Ransomware. Defending Against Digital Extortion

The most important on-line probability to companies and shoppers this present day is ransomware, a class of malware which could encrypt your desktop records until eventually you pay a ransom to free up them. With this sensible booklet, you’ll find out how simply ransomware infects your approach and what steps you could take to forestall the assault sooner than it units foot within the community.

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2 GNFS examples: RSA ´ 130 p130 digitsq “ 18070820886874048059516561644059055662781025167694013491 70127021450056662540244048387341127590812303371781887966 563182013214880557 “ 396859994595974542901611261628837 86067576449112810064832555157243 ˆ 455344986467359721884036868972744 08864356301263205069600999044599. RSA ´ 140 p140 digitsq “ 2129024631825875754749788201627151749780670396327721627 8233383215381949984056495911366573853021918316783107387 995317230889569230873441936471 “ 33987174230284385545301236276138758 35633986495969597423490929302771479 ˆ 62642001874012850961516549482644422 19302037178623509019111660653946049.

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Let α P C be an algebraic number that is the root of f pxq, and denote the set of polynomials in α with integer coefficients as Zrαs. 3. Define the mapping (ring homomorphism): Φ : Zrαs ÞÑ Zn via Φpαq “ m which ensures that for any f pxq P Zrxs, we have Φpf pαqq ” f pmq p mod nq. 4. Find a finite set U of coprime integers pa, bq such that ź ź pa ´ bαq “ β 2 , pa ´ bmq “ y 2 pa,bqPU pa,bqPU for β P Zrαs and y P Z. Let x “ Φpβq. Then x2 ” ΦpβqΦpβq ” Φpβ 2 q ¨ ˛ ź ” Φ˝ pa ´ bαq‚ pa,bqPU ” ź Φpa ´ bαq pa,bqPU ” ź pa ´ bmq pa,bqPU ” y2 pmod nq which is of the required form of the factoring congruence, and hopefully, a factor of n can be found by calculating gcdpx ˘ y, nq.

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