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Download Cracking the AP Biology Exam, 2010 Edition (College Test by Princeton Review PDF

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By Princeton Review

Cracking the AP Biology examination, 2010 version brings you confirmed strategies from the specialists on the Princeton assessment. This AP Biology test-prep advisor comprises every little thing you want to organize for the examination, such as:•2 full-length AP perform checks with specified explanations•Accessible, enticing overview of best AP Biology themes, together with cells, photosynthesis, molecular genetics, animal constitution and serve as, animal habit and ecology, and more•Quick-study checklist to aid excellent and assessment key biology terms•Detailed walk-through of the way to put in writing a good AP Biology essay•Thorough evaluation of all laboratory exercises•Planning and association how to get you the entire technique to try day!

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Cracking the AP biology exam

Orientation -- The chemistry of lifestyles -- Cells -- mobile energetics -- Photosynthesis -- Molecular genetics -- mobile copy -- Heredity -- range of organisms -- vegetation -- Animal constitution and serve as -- Evolution -- Animal habit and ecology -- The free-response questions -- Laboratory

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The reason for this is that fatty acid tails are nonpolar, and nonpolar substances don't mix well with polar ones, such as water. On the other hand, the phosphate "head" of the lipid is hydrophilic ("water-loving"), meaning that it does mix well with water. Why? It carries a negative charge, and this charge draws it to the positively charged end of a water molecule. A molecule is amphipathic if it has both a hydrophilic region and a hydrophobic region. A phospholipid is amphipathic. This arrangement of the fatty acid tails and the phosphate group head provides phospholipids with a unique shape.

Muscle cells, for example, are rich in mitochondria. Lysosomes Throughout the cell are small, membrane-bound structures called lysosomes. These tiny sacs carry digestive enzymes, which they use to break down old, worn-out organelles, debris, or large ingested particles. The lysosomes make up the cell's cleanup crew, helping to keep the cytoplasm clear of unwanted flotsam. Centrioles The centrioles are small, paired, cylindrical structures that are found within microtubule organizing centers (MTOCs).

Here's a picture of a typical animal cell and its principal organelles: Golgi Body Pinocytotic Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Vesicle Cytoplasm Centrioles -"• Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Ribosomes Vacuole Nuclear Membrane Mitochondria O c% Lysosome • Plasma Membrane 38 CRACKING THE AP BIOLOGY EXAM ■ OO Plasma Membrane The cell has an outer envelope known as the plasma membrane. Although the plasma membrane appears to be a simple, thin layer surrounding the cell, it's actually a complex double-layered structure made up of phospholipids and proteins.

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