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By C. Rumford

Cosmopolitan Borders makes the case for strategies of bordering being greater understood throughout the lens of cosmopolitanism. Borders are 'cosmopolitan workshops' the place 'cultural encounters of a worldly style' ensue and the place entrepreneurial cosmopolitans strengthen new sorts of sociality within the face of 'global closure'.

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Un/fixity By themselves border guards, passport controls, body scanners and biometrics do not make a border. A collection of things and activities only becomes consolidated as a border if the bordering functions are reinforced from day to day in the activities of a range of key actors (border guards, passengers, traffickers), and all concerned share common border narratives. 0004  Cosmopolitan Borders such cases unfixity is still possible. Take the USA–Mexico border as an example. 2 The solidity of the US border cannot mask the spectre of unfixity.

Mexico border got secured. ’ Businessweek, 21 February 2013, http://www. com/articles/2013-02-21/the-u-dot-s-dot-mexico-border-gotsecured-dot-problem-solved  I am grateful to Anthony Cooper for bringing this to my attention. 0004 2 Citizen Vernacular: The Case of Borderwork Abstract: The chapter offers a novel non-state centric approach to the study of borders, building upon Balibar’s ‘borders are everywhere’ thesis. One dimension of vernacularized borders studies is explored in detail: borderwork, societal bordering activity undertaken by citizens.

This bordering activity is not necessarily linked to national securitization. Borderwork is explored at two UK sites, Melton Mowbray and Berwick-upon-Tweed, in order to demonstrate the ways in which borders are not always the project of the state, that they can exist for some (but not all) and can be ‘engines of connectivity’, linking people to the world beyond the ‘local’ border. Rumford, Chris. Cosmopolitan Borders. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 0005. 0005 Citizen Vernacular: The Case of Borderwork  Origins of a concept The range and scope of border studies, and a sense of what counts as a border, for a long time, have been circumscribed by assumptions about the primacy of nation-state borders.

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