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Download Core Java(TM), Volume I--Fundamentals by Cay S. Horstmann PDF

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By Cay S. Horstmann

This publication is a smart rationalization of Java programming when you've got had a few adventure in programming languages (especially C) sooner than. if you happen to like studying from instance code this can be the booklet to get because it has plenty of proper instance code that's rather well commented.

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All “not a number” values are considered distinct. isNaN(x)) // check whether x is "not a number" CAUTION: Floating-point numbers are not suitable for financial calculation in which roundoff errors cannot be tolerated. 9 as you would expect. Such roundoff errors are caused by the fact that floating-point numbers are represented in the binary number system. There is no precise binary representation of the fraction 1/10, just as there is no accurate representation of the fraction 1/3 in the decimal system.

3. Open a shell window. 4. Change to the jdk directory. 5. zip where version is the appropriate version number. Installing the Core Java Program Examples You should also install the Core Java program examples. com/corejava. zip. You should unzip them into a separate directory—we recommend you call it CoreJavaBook. Here are the steps: Chapter 2. The Java Programming Environment Choosing a Development Environment 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Make sure the JDK is installed and the jdk/bin directory is on the execution path.

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. java /** * This program displays a greeting from the authors. 20 2004-02-28 * @author Cay Horstmann */ public class Welcome { public static void main(String[] args) { String[] greeting = new String[3]; greeting[0] = "Welcome to Core Java"; greeting[1] = "by Cay Horstmann"; greeting[2] = "and Gary Cornell"; 14. println(g); 15. 16. } 17. 18. } 23 Chapter 2. The Java Programming Environment 24 Chapter 2 ■ The Java Programming Environment Troubleshooting Hints In the age of visual development environments, many programmers are unfamiliar with running programs in a shell window.

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