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By Clive Gifford

Cool Tech is an exciting trip throughout the actual part of the digital global. wonder on the know-how that retains you attached, from the ships fitting strains deep within the ocean, the robots finding twine breaks, the satellites beaming signs around the earth, the groups retrieving and splicing strains jointly, to the servers directing and feeding web site visitors around the globe. Plus, have a look again on the heritage of the net, exploring the folk and innovations that ended in its construction and journey a digital museum to work out how the know-how has improved through the years altering the lives of normal humans all over.

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G 1999, AirPort A Wi-Fi base station that created a wireless local area network that allowed Apple computers to connect to the Internet. F 1998, iMac The Apple iMac G3 was released in 13 different colors, including Bondi Blue, Sage, Ruby, Grape, and Blue Dalmatian. F 1989, Mac Portable Apple’s first portable computer weighed almost 15 lb (7 kg) and was a commercial flop. A 1977, Apple II The first successful home computer with color graphics. Versions of the Apple II would be sold new until 1993. J 1982, Apple Lisa The first Apple with a mouse and graphical user interface (GUI), the Lisa had a 5 MB external hard disk.

In 1993, Adobe introduced the famous PDF file format. SUN Microsystems D In 1982, SUN (named after the Stanford University Network) began by making computers. In 1995, SUN produced the Java computer language, now one of the most widely used computer programming languages. Heavy hitters Dozens of high-tech companies have bases in Silicon Valley, from Adobe to Yahoo! This is partly due to ex-employees of one company forming their own nearby, such as former Apple employee Trip Hawkins, who went on to found Electronic Arts, one of the first home-computergame companies, in 1982.

Web crawling Cached | Similar When you type keywords into a search engine, your request is sent to the engine’s index, which seeks out matches among its masses of data, orders them according to their rank (see below), and then returns a series of results pages. All of this happens in a fraction of a second. Seek and find Compare all sites D D Larry Page, cofounder and CEO of Google “The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world and it would always give you the right thing.

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