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By Ping I. Lee and William R. Good (Eds.)

content material: evaluation of controlled-release drug supply / Ping I. Lee and William R. solid --
Microstructural types for diffusive delivery in porous polymers / W. Mark Saltzman, Stephen H. Pasternak, and Robert Langer --
Diffusion in heterogeneous media / Bret Berner, J.C. Keister, and Eugene R. Cooper --
Estimation of charges of drug diffusion in polymers / C.G. Pitt, A.L. Andrady, Y.T. Bao, and N.K.P. Samuel --
Interpretation of drug-release kinetics from hydrogel matrices by way of time-dependent diffusion coefficients / Ping I. Lee --
Physicochemical versions for percutaneous absorption / J. Hadgraft and Richard H. man --
floor chemical research of polymeric drug supply structures via static secondary ion mass spectrometry (SSIMS) and SIMS imaging / M.C. Davies and A. Brown --
more desirable strategy for measuring in vitro diffusion of substances via human epidermis / L.R. Brown, J.F. Cline, C.L. Raleigh, and M.B. Henry --
Simplified process for measuring controlled-release kinetics / Charles G. Gebelein, Tahseen Mirza, and Robert R. Hartsough --
Thermally reversible gelation features : poly(oxyethylene)-poly(oxypropylene) block copolymer in aqueous answer after publicity to high-energy irradiation / D. Attwood, C.J. Tait, and J.H. Collett --
unencumber and behind schedule unlock of water-soluble medications from polymer beads with low water swelling / Karl F. Mueller --
Morphine hydrogel suppositories : machine layout, scale-up, and assessment / Marion E. McNeill and Neil B. Graham --
Use of bioerodible polymers in self-regulated drug supply platforms / J. Heller, S.H. Pangburn, and D.W.H. Penhale --
Polysaccharides as drug companies : activation tactics and biodegradation reviews / Etienne Schacht, Filip Vandoorne, Joan Vermeersch, and Ruth Duncan --
Microspheres as controlled-release structures for parenteral and nasal management / S.S. Davis, L. Illum, D. Burgess, J. Ratcliffe, and S.N. generators --
bettering drug unencumber from polylactide microspheres through the use of base within the microencapsulation method / Jones W. Fong, Hawkins V. Maulding, George E. Visscher, Josephine P. Nazareno, and Jane E. Pearson --
results of ethanol at the shipping of [beta]-estradiol in hairless mouse epidermis : comparability of experimental information with a brand new theoretical version / W.I. Higuchi, U.D. Rohr, S.A. Burton, P. Liu, J.L. Fox, A.H. Ghanem, H. Mahmoud, S. Borsadia, and William R. stable --
Probing the constitution of stratum corneum at the molecular point / okay. Knutson, S.L. Krill, W.J. Lambert, and W.I. Higuchi --
New liposomal supply method for managed drug liberate / Victoria M. Knepp, Robert S. Hinz, Francis C. Szoka, Jr., and Richard H. man --
more suitable absorption of ionizable medications from topical dosage types / Tsuneji Nagai and Toyoaki Ishikura --
Transdermal drug supply process with more advantageous pores and skin permeability / Yei W. Chien and Chia-Shun Lee --
option to increase intranasal peptide supply / Lawrence S. Olanoff and Richard E. Gibson --
Transbuccal absorption of diclofenac sodium in a puppy version / C.D. Ebert, V.A. John, P.T. Beall, and K.A. Rosenzweig --
Constant-release diffusion platforms : price keep an eye on by way of geometric configuration / K.G. Nelson, S.J. Smith, and R.M. Bennett --
Disposable controlled-release machine for drug infusion / Paul Y. Wang, Mary C.Y. Lee, and should S.M. Smith.

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2 3. Tg = 2/3T (°K) m unsymmetrical polymers (6a) Tg = 1/2T (°K) m symmetrical polymers (6b) If information on Tg i s not available, the density can be used as an estimate of the free volume of the polymer. The lower the density, the greater the permeability. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1987. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1987. 21 G U T T A P E R C H A Do 7 ETHYLENE) 2 Figure 2. Relationship between activation energy of diffusion (E_), the relative size of the diffusing molecule, (dN /dX) and the glass transition temperature ( T ) of the polymer.

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