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Download Cometography : a catalog of comets. Vol. 4, 1933-1959 by Gary W. Kronk PDF

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By Gary W. Kronk

Cometography is a multi-volume catalog of each comet saw all through heritage; this fourth quantity contains a distinct account from 1933 to 1959. It attracts from the main trustworthy orbits recognized to pinpoint the precise position and direction of every comet. The comets are indexed in chronological order, and every access contains information about actual visual appeal in addition to references to courses with regards to the comet for extra studying. This publication is the main whole and finished selection of comet info to be had, and offers novice astronomers, and historians of technological know-how, with a definitive reference on comets throughout the a while.

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E. 34. The comet had attained its most northerly declination of +79° on March 28. The comet was heading toward both the sun and Earth when discovered. 9 by F. Kaiser (Wiesbaden, Germany), 9 by van Biesbroeck and A. A. Wachmann (Hamburg Observatory, Bergedorf, Germany), and 10 by R. R. E. Schorr (Hamburg Observatory) and H. M. Jeffers (Lick Observatory, California, USA). Kaiser said a 40-minute exposure revealed a coma 1 across and a tail extending 2 toward PA 335°. ” E. Przybyllok (Konigsberg, ¨ now Kaliningrad, Russia) said the coma was about 3 across, with a stellar nucleus of magnitude 11–12, and a tail towards the southeast.

6 (V1964) full moon: Jul. 16, Aug. 14, Sep. 12, Oct. 12, Nov. 10, Dec. 10, 1936 Jan. 8, Feb. 7, Mar. 8, Apr. 6, May 6, Jun. 5, Jul. 4, Aug. 3 sources: J. M. ), p. 243; J. M. Vinter Hansen, BAA Handbook for 1935 (1934), p. 27; H. M. Jeffers, L. E. Cunningham, J. M. Vinter Hansen, HAC, No. 341 (1935 Aug. 14); H. M. Jeffers, BZAN, 17 (1935 Aug. 16), p. 49; G. van Biesbroeck, HAC, No. 342 (1935 Aug. 19); H. M. ), p. ), p. 286; H. M. Jeffers and G. ), p. 541; G. ), p. 608; A. A. Wachmann, BZAN, 17 (1935 Nov.

6); H. M. Jeffers, BZAN, 16 (1934 Nov. 9), p. 68; H. M. Jeffers, HAC, No. 316 (1934 Nov. 26); H. M. ), p. 593; H. M. Jeffers, J. T. Foxell, and A. E. ), p. 391; H. M. Jeffers, BZAN, 16 (1934 Dec. 18), p. 76; H. M. Jeffers, LOB, 17 (1935), p. 124; H. M. ), pp. 30–1; J. T. Foxell and A. E. ), pp. 386–7; R. R. E. Schorr, AN, 254 (1935 Feb. 14), p. 247; R. R. E. Schorr, BZAN, 17 (1935 Feb. 17), p. 11; R. R. E. ), p. 99; R. R. E. Schorr, IAUC, No. 524 (1935 Mar. 9); R. R. E. Schorr, BZAN, 17 (1935 Mar.

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