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21. 18//m CMOS technology. 3 Current Feedback It is well known that negative current-current feedback increases the output impedance and lowers the input impedance [50, 51]. 22 can be used. 22. Current amplifier with both current-current feedback and inductor series peaking. 23. 18/im CMOS technology. 36) Cgs2 Complex conjugate poles that are | apart occurs when L = 2 ^ fT-fAfV where A = 1\Y/I) and / == (W/L) • ^^ ^^^^ case, the amplifier has a maximally flat response with the bandwidth cj^ = V^(l + Af)-^^^^.

9. 1(a). Because a well-designed current-mode circuit possesses a small input 14 Design Techniques for Current-Mode Circuits impedance and a large output impedance, it is reasonable to assume that the load impedance is sufficiently small. As a result, M2 is not subject to Miller effect. 3) ^ + 1 5ml ^^6 The input impedance can be lowered by either increasing the width of Ml or increasing the biasing current. The former lowers the bandwidth whereas the latter increases the static power consumption.

This is because a low input impedance reduces the loading-induced current error [31]. Also, in applications such as data links over wire channels, a low input impedance of the receivers is critical to increase the pole frequency at the input as the channels often have a large capacitance. This section investigates the techniques that reduce the input impedance of current-mode circuits. 5(b) [32]. Because the Miller capacitances of M3 are approximately zero, Qin. ^ 0 holds. The input impedance at low frequencies is given by Zin ^ 9ml1 ' The current gain at low frequencies is given by f^ that of the basic current amplifier.

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