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By Dixian Zhao, Patrick Reynaert

This e-book specializes in the improvement of layout recommendations and methodologies for 60-GHz and E-band strength amplifiers and transmitters at machine, circuit and structure degrees. The authors convey the hot improvement of millimeter-wave layout thoughts, specifically of energy amplifiers and transmitters, and offers novel layout thoughts, equivalent to “power transistor format” and “4-way parallel-series strength combiner”, that could improve the output energy and potency of energy amplifiers in a compact silicon zone. 5 state of the art 60-GHz and E-band designs with measured effects are verified to end up the effectiveness of the layout techniques and hands-on methodologies awarded. This booklet serves as a priceless reference for circuit designers to improve millimeter-wave development blocks for destiny 5G applications.

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Class D/E/F) are evolved where the active device operates as a switch. All switching PAs ideally have 100 % drain efficiency while delivering much higher output power than Class C PA. The 100 % drain efficiency can be achieved if either zero voltage is across the switch or zero current through it (referred as the “zero voltage switching” condition). The Class D PA2 [4] can be constructed by an inverter which produces square voltage waveform at the drains of NMOS and PMOS transistors. A series LC resonator is needed at the output to filter the harmonics.

The design concepts discussed in this chapter, such as “gain match vs. power match” and power combining technique, will be applied in the practical design examples presented in the following chapters. References 1. C. Cripps, RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, 2nd edn. , Norwood, 2006) 2. A. Chakrabarti, H. Krishnaswamy, High-power high-efficiency class-e-like stacked mmwave pas in soi and bulk cmos: theory and implementation. IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech. 62, 1686–1704 (2014) 3.

It suggests that the distributed effects of the impedance networks can be lumped with an impedance value of Zeq NZX =3. To appreciate the impact of interconnect parasitics, the degradation of the unilateral power gain of a common-source amplifier is studied at 60 GHz based on the setup in Fig. 4. 1 ZGT , ZST , and ZDT represent the lumped parasitic impedance of the gate, source, and drain metal lines. The dc feeds in Fig. 4 behave as RF chock and provide the bias and supply voltages for the amplifier.

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