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By Thomas Moore

Chapters during this quantity tackle very important features of IC applications. Analytical ideas acceptable for IC package deal characterization are proven via examples of the size of severe functionality parameters and the research of key technological difficulties of IC programs. concerns are mentioned which impact a number of package deal forms, together with plastic surface-mount applications, airtight programs, and complicated designs comparable to flip-chip, chip-on-board and multi-chip models.

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8 36 (d) (d) SEM photomicrographs showing various stages of chemical treat­ ments of Cu lead frame (a) as received, ib) acid-cleaned, (c) acidetched, and id) oxidized with NaOH/KMn0 4 . MOLD COMPOUND ADHESION AND STRENGTH Chapter 2 is definitely detrimental, and a more stable Cu oxide structure is needed for greater adhesion. As an alternative to the thermally induced Cu oxides, chemical oxidation of the Cu surface was explored. 8 show the progression of the morphological structure formation accompanying the chemical oxidation of Cu.

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18 MC-A MC-B MC-C MC-D B) Thermal Stress or Peel Strength AI line movement versus peel adhe­ sion and stress for various MCs. 6 Role of Adhesion in Package Reliability Package reliability tests for moisture sensitivity often include inspection for metal line movement after thermal cycling from —65 °C to +150 °C, and highly accelerated stress testing (HAST). In reports of these reliability test results, the role of adhesion is seldom examined. In recent years, however, adhesion has gradually received more attention in reliability testing.

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