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By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: 3/30/2007
  • Pages: 529
  • Reading point: Age 10 and Up

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A cancer cell. Cancer cells divide much more rapidly than normal cells. indd 23 1/8/06 4:46:36 PM Lesson 1 Cells All living things are made of very similar tiny structures. The ones you see here are part of a plant. What is it about these structures that allows us to be alive? a. Students know many multicellular organisms have specialized structures to support the transport of materials. indd 24 12/22/05 11:18:39 AM What are plants and animals made of? Materials Make a Prediction Animals and plants are living things.

The nucleus can signal a vacuole to release whatever it is holding. Animal cells may have many small vacuoles and some may not have any vacuoles. Quick Check Summarize Describe the parts of animal cells. Critical Thinking Do you think a cell would function without a nucleus? Explain. indd 29 12/22/05 11:19:11 AM What are the organelles in plant cells? Plant cells have the same organelles as animal cells. They also have some structures that animal cells do not have. Look at the diagram of the plant cell to learn about its parts.

Muscle cells in your legs make up muscle tissue, which allows you to move your legs. Other kinds of tissues in an animal’s body include blood, nerves, bone, and skin. One kind of plant tissue carries water and minerals from a plant’s roots through the stems to the leaves. Another example of a plant tissue is the flesh of fruits. The function of this tissue is to protect the plant’s seeds. In plants and animals, tissues of different kinds come together to make up an organ (AWR•guhn). Stems and fruits From Cells to Organisms cell tissue organ organ system Reading Diagrams Give an example of an animal organ and a plant organ.

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