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By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: 3/30/2007
  • Pages: 529
  • Reading point: Age 10 and Up

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Fern Grows in water . . . . . . indd 47 12/14/05 5:34:21 PM How are living things grouped together? ▶ Main Idea Living things are classified in kingdoms so they can be studied. ▶ Vocabulary kingdom , p. 48 vertebrate , p. 50 invertebrate , p. 50 vascular , p. 52 nonvascular , p. 53 fungus , p. 54 bacteria , p. 55 protist , p. com ▶ Reading Skill ;OW\7RSO With millions of organisms on Earth, scientists need a way to organize the information they discover about them. Classifying organisms, or putting them into groups, helps scientists study, identify, and name organisms.

Infer Are your muscles stronger when cells work together? Quick Check Compare and Contrast How do organs compare to organ systems? Critical Thinking Do you think cells from different organs, like the heart and lungs, can be switched? Explain. indd 41 1/4/06 4:56:03 PM Animal System Plant System skeletal system root system ▲ The skeletal system is a support system in animals. ▲ The root system is a transport system in plants. What are some plant and animal organ systems? and brain are part of systems that control the salamander’s movements and responses.

For example, many plants need to grow tall to reach the sunlight. This means they need something in their cells to provide extra support. Plants can’t move to find water when it doesn’t rain. So plant cells need to be able to store a lot of water. Plants usually don’t eat other living things, so their cells need special organelles to produce their own food. Unlike plants, animals move around from place to place. They need cells that are more flexible and allow more movement. Since animals can move to find water, their cells do not need to store as much water as plant cells.

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