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Download C# 6.0 Pocket Reference: Instant Help for C# 6.0 Programmers by Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari PDF

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By Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari

In the event you desire solutions for programming with C# 6.0, this useful and tightly concentrated booklet tells you precisely what you want to know—without lengthy introductions or bloated samples. effortless to browse, it really is perfect as a short reference or as a advisor to get you swiftly up to the mark should you already understand Java, C++, or an previous model of C#.

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Variables and Parameters A variable represents a storage location that has a modifiable value. A variable can be a local variable, parameter (value, ref, or out), field (instance or static), or array element. The Stack and the Heap The stack and the heap are the places where variables and con‐ stants reside. Each has very different lifetime semantics. Stack The stack is a block of memory for storing local variables and parameters. The stack logically grows and shrinks as a function is entered and exited.

The % operator evaluates the remainder after division. Increment and Decrement Operators The increment and decrement operators (++, --) increment and decrement numeric types by 1. The operator can either precede or follow the variable, depending on whether you want the variable to be updated before or after the expression is evalu‐ ated. WriteLine (--x); // Outputs 0; x is now 1 // Outputs 2; x is now 2 // Outputs 1; x is now 1 Specialized Integral Operations Integral division Division operations on integral types always truncate remain‐ ders (round toward zero).

WriteLine (vowels [1]); // e This prints “e” because array indexes start at 0. We can use a for loop statement to iterate through each element in the array. Write (c); // aeiou All array indexing is bounds-checked by the runtime. An Index OutOfRangeException is thrown if you use an invalid index: vowels[5] = 'y'; // Runtime error The Length property of an array returns the number of ele‐ ments in the array. Once an array has been created, its length cannot be changed. Collection namespace and subnamespaces provide higher-level data structures, such as dynamically sized arrays and dictionaries.

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