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By Donald J. Abraham

This can be quantity 2: Drug Discovery and Drug Development, of Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, sixth variation. This new quantity includes severe new chapters on Combinational Chemistry and a number of Parallel Synthesis, excessive Throughput Pharmacology, and Retrometabolism-Based Drug layout and focusing on.

To buy the total 6 quantity set, please consult with ISBN 0-471-37032-0.

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73) (if log P < log Px) . 74) (if log P > log Px) The binding of drugs to proteins is linearly dependent on hydrophobicity up to a limited value, log P,, after which steric hindrance causes the linear dependency to alter to a nonlinear one. The major limitation of this approach involves the inclusion of highly hydrophobic congeners that tend to cause systematic deviations between experimental and predicted values. Another cutoff model, which deals with nonlinearity in biological systems, is one defined by McFarland (191).

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4,6-Diamino-1,2-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl- ficient, s represents the standard deviation, and the figures in parentheses are for con1R-s-triazines. struction of the 95% confidence intervals. rr,is the optimum hydrophobic conture-activity relationships in biological systribution of the R substituent. D is an indicatems. 0 when a equation was defined to model drug-receptor phenyl ring is present on the nitrogen and a interactions involving electronic, steric, and value of zero for all other R. This is an example hydrophobic contributions.

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