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By Nadine Gordimer

This is often the relocating tale of the unforgettable Rosa Burger, a tender lady from South Africa forged within the mould of a innovative culture. Rosa attempts to uphold her background passed on by means of martyred mom and dad whereas nonetheless carving out a feeling of self. even though it is entirely of this present day, Burger's Daughter may be in comparison to these nineteenth century Russian classics that make a undeniable time and position come alive, and but stand as common celebrations of the human spirit. Nadine Gordimer, winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature, was once born and lives in South Africa.

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If Lionel says so. Rosa'll have those papers in right awaytomorrow morning, my girlLionel was spending his first night without the privileges of an awai ting-trial prisoner. I think that was what I thought about ? They had taken away his own clothes. He had begun an imprison­ ment that could end only with the end of his life or the end of the regime ; not just the government of the day, but any other white government that might succeed it. There was bravado and senti­ ment in the confidence of the room full of people at Theo's that they were behaving as Lionel Burger would expect, as he would do himself in their situation.

He wouldn't expect her to be, because his way, as my father's was, is to go on living however you must. And if he doesn't outlast his j ailers, his and Marisa's children will. Theo thrust on me forms of application for a correspondence course from the external studies university. -You better get crack­ ing with this. - And to the others around us, with the assump­ tion of slightly haughty, careless arrogance with which he expressed the intoxication of his association with my father through the trial : -God knows where he found that out.

I look at you . . -Oh there were parties, all right . . Christmas trees, weddings . People had affairs with other people's wives . . -You don't have a corner on that. I don't know about my mother and father- I doubt it. Although Lionel was very attractive to women. You probably SI saw that at the trial- I think most good doctors are . . There were terrible rows and antagonisms between people . . She continued her list. - In the middle of the night, he began to speak. She lay and listened to the seething and sweeping of the bauhinia tree against the tin roof.

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