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By Ivan Ristić

Realizing and deploying SSL/TLS and PKI to safe servers and net functions, by means of Ivan Ristić

For method directors, builders, and IT defense execs, this publication offers a complete insurance of the ever-changing box of SSL/TLS and net PKI. Written via Ivan Ristić, a safety researcher and writer of SSL Labs, this booklet will train you every little thing you want to comprehend to guard your platforms from eavesdropping and impersonation assaults.

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"Thorough and entire insurance from one of many superior specialists in browser safety. "
--Tavis Ormandy, Google Inc.

Modern net purposes are equipped on a tangle of applied sciences which were constructed through the years after which haphazardly pieced jointly. each piece of the net software stack, from HTTP requests to browser-side scripts, comes with vital but refined defense outcomes. to maintain clients secure, it truly is crucial for builders to with a bit of luck navigate this landscape.

In The Tangled internet, Michal Zalewski, one of many world's best browser safeguard specialists, deals a compelling narrative that explains precisely how browsers paintings and why they're essentially insecure. instead of dispense simplistic suggestion on vulnerabilities, Zalewski examines the total browser safeguard version, revealing susceptible issues and supplying an important info for shoring up internet software defense. You'll learn the way to:
* practice universal yet unusually complicated projects resembling URL parsing and HTML sanitization
* Use glossy safety features like Strict delivery safeguard, content material defense coverage, and Cross-Origin source Sharing
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* construct mashups and embed contraptions with out getting stung through the difficult body navigation coverage
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