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By Sandra I. Kim MD PhD, Todd A. Swanson M.D. Ph. D

Those speedy and handy flash playing cards will drastically support scholars in reviewing and studying the real information about pharmacology. all the 269 playing cards bargains a quick query and resolution, utilizing a set off word to aid scholars memorize and bear in mind right responses. BRS Pharmacology Flash playing cards is a part of a sequence of moveable flash playing cards overlaying microbiology, pathology, and now pharmacology. Designed to accompany BRS Pharmacology , those overview playing cards also will support scholars enrolled in different uncomplicated technological know-how or pharmacology classes or these getting ready for USMLE Step 1

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T cell activation, IgE-med. rxns, inducible cyclooxygenase II expression. Induces lipocortin → inhibition of phospholipase A2. Absorption: IV, IM, oral. s: Cataracts, hypertension, osteoporosis, myopathy, obesity, acne, hirsutism, hyperglycemia, muscle atrophy/myopathy, convulsions, mood changes, derm. changes, ↓ cellular immunity. Glucocorticoid admin > equiv. of 20 mg hydrocortisone/d → suppression of HPA axis. Sudden stop of chronic therapy → impaired physiologic homeostasis. Drug Interactions—phenytoin, barbiturates, & rifampin induce catabolic enzymes; antacids → ↓ bioavailability of prednisone; salicylate levels reduced; increased doses required for insulin, hypoglycemic agents, antihypertensives, and glaucoma meds; if hypokalemia occurs, increased toxicity of digoxin.

Microsomal enzymes in liver and kidneys. Excretion, t_: Urine and stool. , fetal toxicity. “Purple Toe” synd. (necrosis) assoc. w/protein C deficiency. During pregnancy, can cause birth defects and abortion. Many drug interactions. Utility: Prevention of recurrent thrombotic events following acute Rx w/heparin. Valvular heart disease, prosthetic cardiac valves, AMI, atrial fibrillation. Special Features: Max. effects require 2-7 days. Init. response may be procoagulant due to inhib. of protein C.

Secretion stim by ↑ serum calcium. Net result = ↓↓calcium, ↓↓phosphate. Absorption: SC, IM. Nasal is variable and often poor. : Inactivated by proteolysis in kidneys and blood. Excretion, t_: Minutes. s: Flushing of face and hands w/in min. of injxn (16-21%). Nausea/vomiting w/in 30 min. of use (14-21%); usu. diminishes w/continued therapy. Bedtime admin. can minimize effects. Urinary frequency (5-10%) Utility: Initial treatment of hypercalcemia. , Paget’s disease of bone). Recently approved for treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

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