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Download Borderland Russians: Identity, Narrative and International by G. Hønneland PDF

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By G. Hønneland

Geir Hønneland discusses a number of the substantial questions in social technological know-how: what's id? what's the function of identification and narrative within the research of diplomacy? the site is the Kola Peninsula, the main seriously militarized region of the area in the course of the chilly battle, now set to turn into Europe's subsequent massive oil playground.

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AM GOV 2013-2014

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Monks looking for peace and quiet were accompanied by industrious people hunting for furs, precious stones and salt followed the rivers to the White Sea and northern Urals. 1). Arkhangelsk was founded in 1584 to serve as the main seaport of the Moscow state. The future capital of the Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar, was founded two years later. Arkhangelsk was Russia’s leading naval and shipbuilding city, and a centre for the region’s lumber industry. 5 per cent of the Russian population. When restrictions on the movement of Russian peasants came into effect, and the Russian government re-assessed its strategic options, the colonization of the Russian north slowed down.

As far as I was concerned, it was the other way round. I felt proud of being from Murmansk when I was in Moscow or even further south, like Sochi. Why? Because it was so far away. It wasn’t Novgorod or anything. It was Murmansk. Now that’s really far off ... Murmansk Oblast: Population, economy, environment Until World War I, the vast territory of the Kola Peninsula was inhabited by a few thousand people and of practically no significance, militarily or otherwise, to the Russian empire. The Terskii Coast (the eastern part of the peninsula) came under the control of the republic of Novgorod in the thirteenth century, but there are no records of permanent Novgorodian settlement on the peninsula until the first half of the fifteenth century.

She left home and started living with a woman. Anyway, she apparently shoved this woman down a well, where she drowned. [My aunt] was convicted and sent to prison; that would have been in the ‘40s, either during the war or soon after. When she got out she headed for Kirovsk. Why, I don’t know. Probably to earn a livelihood. Then she was joined by some of her brothers and sisters, including my mum, who was nineteen by then. – My dad’s from Kiev originally. A Ukrainian. Babushka was half-Polish, a communist too, but my biological grandpa was ‘grey’ (seryy) – a member of different party.

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