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By M. T. Silva (auth.), Robert M. Burton, Francisco Carvalho Guerra (eds.)

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2), which will leave the membrane immediately due to its high solubility in water. The other split products, either diglycerides or cera~mides (from diacyl glycero-phospholipids or sphingomyelin, respectively) remain in the membrane. The most commonly used PLC's which have a broad substrate spectrum are pre- 41 GL YCEROPHOSPHOLIPIDS SPHINGOMYELIN OH o H I HCI-CH=CH_(C~)12-CH3 " I R-C-N-CH I Fig. 2. Sites of action of various types of phospholipases. Abbreviations: PLA2 , PLC and PLD, phospholipases A2, C and D, respectively; Sph'ase, sphingomyelinase C; X, represents various groups such as choline, ethanolamine, serine, etc.

This proposal of Bretscher was based on the observations that treatment of intact erythrocytes with NH2-grouP specific reagents does not result in the labeling of appreciable quantities of the amino-phospholipids, phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphatidylserine (PS), whereas these phospholipids could be easily labeled when open ghost membranes were exposed to the reagents (1). It was concluded from these observations that the majority of the aminophospholipids (PE and PS) should be located at the inner aspect of the erythrocyte membrane.

G. Lima and M. T. Silva, Ultrastructural study of the effects of detergents on bacterial cells. 1-Influence of Triton X-100 and Sodium Dcx:lecyl Sulfate on the autolysis of Bacillus subtilis,Reun. An. Soc. Port. M. ,abs 10M (1980). T. Silva and Paula M. Macedo,A kinetic study of the isolation of membranes fran Bacillus subtilis,Reun. An. Soc. Port. M. ,abs 30 (1977). Egidia Carvalho and M. T. An ultrastructural study in Streptococcus faecalis ATCC 9790,Reun. An. Soc. Port. M. ,abs 42 (1981). T.

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