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The Programmers Group primarily earned its founders free computing time on machines owned by a company in Seattle. Gates and Allen then formed a company that they called Traf-O-Data. They put together a 1968 small computer for measuring traffic flow and made about $20,000. The company remained in business until Gates and Allen graduated from high school. 18 yrs Although Gates was interested in computers, he enrolled at Harvard University with the intention of becoming a lawyer like his father. There he met his future business partner, Steve Ballmer.

The foundation's grants have provided funds for college scholarships for under-represented minorities, AIDS prevention, diseases prevalent in third world countries, and other causes. Gates has not generally engaged in conspicuous consumption beyond his lavish home, with its gardens and art collection. Gates also rents or leases a home on Mustique, an exclusive island in the Grenadines, and owns a 300 foot yacht named Ice. Early life Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington to William H. Gates, Sr.

Microsoft promoted Interface Manage throughout 1983 with great zeal (allegedly tying its purchase to the purchase of DOS in clear violation of antitrust law). On 10 November 1983 Microsoft announced Windows with great fanfare in New York City to try to head off VisiOn. IBM refuses to endorse Windows and actively works against Microsoft's interests. EEE. Gates was determined not to miss the applications boat again - he missed it with DOS he was not going to miss it with the coming change to a GUI.

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