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By Ado Jorio

This ebook covers the improvement of biotechnology in response to carbon nanostructures, with a spotlight on nanotubes, addressing additionally fullerenes and amorphous carbons. The ebook is split into 7 chapters, addressing tissue engineering, genetic engineering and treatment, in addition to the environmental and health and wellbeing affects of carbon nanostructures.

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In this work, the complex SWCNT:siRNA targeted to hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF-1α) was added to cancer cells and also administered in vivo to mice bearing MiaPaCa-2/HRE tumor. In both cases, it was observed a specific inhibition of HIF-1α activity, demonstrating the potential for using siRNA:SWCNTs complex in vivo as a therapeutic approach for cancer. For the use of SWCNTs in biomedical application, the study of pharmacokinetics of CNTs is very important. Cherukuri et al. [25] performed an evaluation of pharmacokinetics of SWCNTs in rabbits intravenously administered with pristine SWCNTs dispersed in a solution of surfactant Pluronic.

Many kinds of mutations in genes are essential for the development and maintenance of physiologic processes. These mutations can be divided into proto-oncogenes, which are responsible for carcinogenic cell’s growth and proliferation, tumor-suppressor genes, which inhibit its proliferation, or they are related to genes involved in the repair of DNA, such as the p53 gene [121–123]. DNA mutations also play an important role in the development of pathologies and in the modulation of susceptibility to disease.

Samples presenting DNA damage form a “comet tail”, while samples with intact DNA migrate as a unique “point” in the electrophoretic field. 2). As already discussed it seems to be dependent of particle size and amounts of exposure which is determinant for cell death or development of mutagenesis which could culminate in carcinogenic effects. The detection of phosphorylation of histone H2AX: H2AFX (H2A histone family, member X) is one of several genes encoding histone H2A. In humans and other eukaryotes, DNA is wound around groups of histones H2A, thus contributing to the formation of the DNA structure.

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