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Download Beginning Hibernate. From Novice to Professional by Dave Minter PDF

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By Dave Minter

starting Hibernate is perfect if youre skilled in Java with databases (the conventional, or "connected," approach), yet are new to open resource light-weight Hibernatethe hottest de facto object-relational mapping and database-oriented software improvement framework. This booklet packs in fresh information regarding the most recent free up of the Hibernate 3.2.x patience layer and gives a transparent advent to the present typical for object-relational endurance in Java.

Experienced writer Dave Minter and contributor Jeff Linwood supply extra in-depth examples than the other books for Hibernate newbies. The authors additionally current fabric in a full of life, example-based mannernot in a dry, theoretical, hard-to-read style. and because the booklet retains its specialise in Hibernate with no losing time on nonessential third-party instruments, youll be capable to instantly commence development transaction-based engines and applications.

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If you don’t want to provide the configuration properties in a file, you can apply them directly using the -D flag. qxd 8/2/06 9:36 PM Page 35 CHAPTER 3 ■ BUILDING A SIMPLE APPLICATION java -classpath ... HSQLDialect ... Given its verbosity, this is probably the least convenient of the three methods, but it is occasionally useful when running tools and utilities on an ad hoc basis. For most other purposes, we think that the XML configuration file is the best choice. Running the Message Example With Hibernate and a database installed, and our configuration file created, all we need to do now is create the classes in full, and then build and run everything.

This is a balance between memory and minimizing database network traffic. use_get_generated_keys Determines Hibernate’s behavior with respect to generated keys. 0 generated keys API, Hibernate will retrieve generated keys from the statement after it executes an SQL query. use_scrollable_resultset Determines whether Hibernate will use JDBC scrollable result sets for a user-provided JDBC connection. use_streams_for_binary Determines whether binary data is read or written over JDBC as streams. class The InitialContext class for JNDI.

INSTANCE); Using a Container-Managed Data Source When running in an environment with a JNDI server, Hibernate can obtain a data source through a JNDI lookup. url and hibernate. class properties to specify the location of the container’s JNDI provider and the class name of the container’s implementation of the JNDI InitialContextFactory interface. password properties to specify the database user your application uses. For example, your hibernate. WLInitialContextFactory Typically only the mandatory datasource property is needed.

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