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Download Becoming Muslim: Western Women’s Conversions to Islam by A. Mansson McGinty PDF

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By A. Mansson McGinty

While Islam has turn into a debatable subject within the West, progressively more Westerners locate robust which means in Islam. changing into Muslim is an ethnographic examine in line with in-depth interviews with Swedish and American girls who've switched over to Islam.

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They can call me whatever, it does not matter. Anna: When you think of Malin, do you think it is two different— Ayre: No, I do not. I’m still Malin . . you are after all the same person. I feel Swedish in the first hand. I am Swedish. It is not at all a transformation like that, so to speak. In this rather complex comment, the meaning of then and now, of continuity and change of self, is negotiated through the use and selfexperience of her two names, her given name Malin and the taken Muslim name Ayre.

Fatimah was raised Catholic as the fifth of eight children. She liked the stories of the saints and still remembers the feeling she had as a child of being uplifted when attending the mass. But as she grew older and entered adolescence, she had difficulties with what she experienced as paradoxes in the Christian faith. When she started college she threw away everything that had to do with religion. A year after graduating, Fatimah met a man whom she married shortly thereafter. She was then in her early twenties.

She was an atheist, she was not confirmed, and she considered everything to do with the Swedish church to be hypocrisy. Marianne came into contact with Islam through a close friend, and what started out as a strong negative reaction, doubts, skepticism, and questioning slowly turned into a belief. She converted officially in her early twenties, a year after she had married her Muslim husband. In response to preconceived notions that Swedish women convert to Islam because of a man, she pointed out that she married him knowing that she wanted to become a Muslim.

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