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By R W Foster (Eds.)

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Edrophonium cannot therefore combine with the esteratic site of AChE. This may explain the very brief duration of edrophonium's action in vivo. AChE and ChE are equally sensitive to the actions of the competitive inhibitors. Non-competitive inhibitors Ecothiopate, malaoxon from malathion The inhibition of AChE produced by these agents cannot be overcome by increasing the substrate (for example, ACh) concentration and the inhibited enzyme cannot be reactivated by dialysis - the inhibition is irreversible.

1). Noradrenergic neurones synthesize, store, and release as their transmitter NA. They include: (1) Most postganglionic sympathetic neurones (exceptions are those neurones supplying the eccrine sweat glands and those providing a vasodilator pathway 38 Drug action on peripheral excitable tissues to the arterioles of skeletal muscle - although anatomically sympathetic, these fibres are cholinergic); (2) some neurones lying entirely within the CNS. Anatomy of sympathetic neuroeffector junctions (page 8) Compare parasympathetic neuroeffector junctions (page 30).

By causing vasoconstriction at the injection site it prolongs the local anaesthesia. Adrenaline is given iv to evoke vasoconstriction, bronchodilatation and a reduction in capillary permeability in the control of anaphylactic shock (page 121) and other severe forms of urticaria. At one time isoprenaline was the only agonist selective for ß-adrenoceptors and was useful for reducing airways resistance in bronchial asthma (page 301). The associated risk of tachycardia, ectopie beats and dangerous dysrhythmias led to the development of salbutamol which can relax bronchial smooth muscle at doses that have little or no cardiac stimulant activity.

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