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By Vicki Cobb

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Your cupped hands should make it possible to hear the whisper. " Here Is What You Need: Cut holes as shown in the bottom of the paper cups. Leave a small piece of the bottom to hook behind your ears. Put one cup over each ear. You now have super ears! Page 33 You can make super ears work even better if you cut an angled scoop out of the top. The super ears collect more sound waves and funnel them into your ears. Page 34 5 Paper Cup Speaker System You can use a paper cup to replace the amplifier and speakers of your stereo.

But it is good enough to get some idea of the recorded sound. The first record players worked the same way as the needle and cup. They were just a lot bigger. Page 36 6 Squawky Walkie-Talkie So far, all the sounds you've made from this book travel through the air. But sound can travel through other things until it reaches the air and your ears. All it needs is molecules to travel through, whether they are air, water, wood, or some other kind of matter. Here are a few examples of devices that make sound travel: Page 37 Page 38 Would you believe that you can send your voice through dental floss?

This works because the wax on the dental floss makes your fingers stick briefly as they slip. As your fingers stick and slip along the floss, they set up vibrations. The cup bottom picks up the vibrations and magnifies them into a magnificent squawk. Page 41 Page 42 7 Sound Effects All the sounds you hear are combinations of different pitches, rhythms, and loudness. A sound effect is sound that is produced to imitate something else. Here are some sound effects you can make: Put a small handful of rice in a metal pan.

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