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Download Alexander Graham Bell: Making Connections by Naomi Pasachoff PDF

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By Naomi Pasachoff

Examines the character in addition to the idea tactics which led this inventor to his discoveries that have helped our knowing of the wildlife.

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The first took place in Boston on June 14 when the emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro II, was impressed by Bell's demonstration of Visible Speech at the Boston School for the Deaf. Dom Pedro had a deep interest in education and was touring certain American schools before going to Philadelphia to join the panel of judges. The second meeting took place in Philadelphia a week later, when Bell examined the scientific exhibits of the different participating countries. While stopping to study the telegraphic entries of his competitor Elisha Gray, he met the great English scientist Sir William Thomson, whose major contributions include the mathematical analysis of electricity and magnetism.

Bell had hired an American journalist, Kate Field, to publicize the telephone in England. She did her work so thoroughly that the telephone became literally the talk of the town in London. The opening session of Parliament in 1877 featured a telephone demonstration. Articles in numerous journals sang the praises of the new invention. S. Pinafore: He'll hear no tone Of the maiden he loves so well! No Telephone Communicates with his cell! 61 Alexander Graham Bell In 1878, England's Queen Victoria was greatly impressed by Bell's personal demonstration of the telephone Bell was asked to demonstrate the telephone from the bottom of a coal mine in Newcastle and from the depths of the Thames River, wearing a diving suit.

That development would occur on March 10, 1876. The report of this event that Bell recorded in his lab notebook two days later differs somewhat from the version that Watson wrote in his autobiography many years after the event. Both men's reports agree that the telephone transmitter Bell was leaning over in the lab was a 51 Alexander Graham Bell Bell's pass to the United States International Exhibition, held in Philadelphia in June of 1876. Bell's telephone amazed and delighted the distinguished panel of scientists who judged the electrical exhibits on display.

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