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By Fred Saberhagen

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In Defense of Science: Why Scientific Literacy Matters

At the present time, just a couple of humans outdoor of the clinical group are conversant with the culture of technology and its many breakthroughs. the remaining are scientifically illiterate. So say Frank R. Spellman and Joni Price-Bayer, authors of In safety of technology: Why medical Literacy issues. This ebook explains why usual electorate must have an knowing of technology, its equipment, and its groundbreaking discoveries.

Cracking the AP biology exam

Orientation -- The chemistry of existence -- Cells -- mobile energetics -- Photosynthesis -- Molecular genetics -- mobilephone replica -- Heredity -- range of organisms -- crops -- Animal constitution and serve as -- Evolution -- Animal habit and ecology -- The free-response questions -- Laboratory

Work at the Boundaries of Science: Information and the Interdisciplinary Research Process

Interdisciplinary inquiry has turn into extra pervasive in contemporary a long time, but we nonetheless recognize little in regards to the behavior of this kind of learn or the data difficulties linked to it. This e-book is one among few empirical experiences of interdisciplinary wisdom practices. It examines how interdisciplinary scientists become aware of and trade details and information, highlighting how the limits among disciplines impact how info is used and the way wisdom is built.

The Pendulum: Scientific, Historical, Philosophical and Educational Perspectives

The pendulum is a common subject in basic and secondary colleges, yet its complete power for studying approximately physics, the character of technological know-how, and the relationships among technology, arithmetic, expertise, society and tradition is seldom realised. Contributions to this 32-chapter anthology take care of the technology, background, technique and pedagogy of pendulum movement.

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The factory reared up among them as Norlund imagined that a medieval cathedral might have risen from its town or village. And suddenly another eerie twinge went through his spirit—the realization that as far as he knew, travel into the past was not limited to only fifty years… Jerry turned a corner, and Norlund saw the factory again. One entrance of the huge building was a cave-like door big enough for trucks, and from this mouth a small body of workers was now issuing. Norlund could see them plainly under the garish streetlight that guarded the factory entrance.

And presently, trimmed, brushed, and redolent of bay rum, he gave the barber a quarter and told him to keep the change. From the barber shop Norlund stepped next door to the newsstand and picked up a paper off a pile, meanwhile handing another quarter to the old man tending the stand. The old fingers trembled back his change, two silver dimes, two pennies. Norlund, struck by a sudden thought, delayed, staring impolitely at those fingers and their owner. He couldn't help himself. The man he was looking at had perhaps been born in eighteen sixty.

Norlund drew a deep breath. He was still a long way from calm, but ready to drive again. This time he didn't even fumble for the non-existent seatbelt. Did he need to consult his map? No, not yet, he decided. It had been fixed quite firmly in his memory. Half a mile or so ahead of where he had pulled over, he could see some buildings clustered among trees. It looked like, and probably was, the tail end of some suburban residential street. He was heading east, toward the city, and the countryside would soon come to an end.

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