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My brain tells my muscles and senses what to do. It thinks, learns, and remembers. It even helps me read this book! 1 7 All About Insects Ladybugs, fireflies, and bees are insects, too. Teacher Tam 2014 Version A 2 head thorax Most insects lay eggs. After they hatch, insects go through metamorphosis. Their bodies change a lot. 6 abdomen Insects have six legs and three body parts. 4 An insect’s skeleton is on the outside of its body. It is called an exoskeleton. 3 Insects have antennae on their heads.

Their body temperature changes with the environment. They also breathe using lungs. 6 Reptiles have four legs or no legs at all! There are more lizards and snakes than any other kind of reptile. 4 All reptiles are vertebrates. They have a backbone. They also have dry, scaly skin. The scales protect them from harm. 3 Most of them lay eggs. Reptile eggs have hard shells and are laid on land. Amphibian eggs have soft shells and are laid in or near water. Young reptiles look just like their parents, only smaller.

6 Mammals all have hair or fur. A porcupine has quills and a polar bear has fur. Even whales and dolphins have hair. All mammals 2 also have a backbone. X Almost all baby mammals are born alive. The platypus and the spiny anteater lay eggs. Kangaroo and koala babies are born alive, but they finish growing in a pouch. 4 A baby mammal drinks milk from its mother’s body. The Dayak fruit bat drinks milk from the body of its father. 3 Mammals are warm-blooded. Their bodies stay the same temperature, even if it is cold or hot outside.

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