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By Illa Podendorf

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Now the bell rings whether the switch is down or not. In fact the wire acts just like the a r m of the switch. 48 There are other things which may cause the bell to ring all the time. Some insulation may be off of the wire in two places a n d these wires m a y accidentally touch each other. Electricity goes the shortest p a t h and sometimes the shortest p a t h is not the way we want it to go. We call this a short. All wiring must be done-carefully a n d only good wire used. Shorts cause a great deal of heat a n d may cause a fire.

A light b u l b lights because t h e fila'ment becomes very hot and gives off light. 57 Static electricity can be produced by rubbing. Like electric charges repel each other. Unlike electric charges attract each other. 1. What happens to water left standing in a dish? Find three dishes all alike. Put a teaspoonful of water in one dish, two teaspoonfuls of water in another dish, and three in the other. Place them side by side and let stand. Examine t h e m every two or three hours. Notice what happens.

All wiring must be done-carefully a n d only good wire used. Shorts cause a great deal of heat a n d may cause a fire. 4. Will other things besides copper wire conduct electricity sufficiently to light a lamp bulb? Connect two dry cells, light b u l b and switch. Open the switch. O n e at a time substitute the following materials for the c o p p e r strip or knife of t h e switch—brass curtain rod, iron nail, match, string, a n d strip of aluminium foil. W h i c h ones c o n d u c t e d electricity?

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