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From making fireplace to development the devices of the twenty first century, discover the tales at the back of the impressive principles and units that experience formed our global in 1,000 innovations and Discoveries.

This revised and up to date variation brings this finished evaluation of humanity's maximum rules brand new. suggestions in technology, house, expertise, transportation, medication, arithmetic, and language are coated, in addition to a timeline of heritage highlighting all innovations and discoveries from the airbag to DNA, lie detectors to hormones, and cash to the indicators of the zodiac. function containers delve into the main points of the lives of Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and extra, whereas outstanding pictures and archive fabrics deliver their achievements to life.

Covering over three million years of principles, 1,000 innovations and Discoveries will amaze and encourage a love of background in kids.

Supports the typical center kingdom Standards.

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Modern Yale locks and keys work in much the same way (✷ see page 144). Saw c2000 bc U nlike an ax or knife, a saw can cut cleanly through any thickness of Lock c2000 bc M ost locks today are based on an idea from about 2000 bc. The ancient Egyptians invented a wooden lock in which a bolt was held by pins Blades operated by a spring action Paved road c2000 bc T he first road known to have been surfaced and drained so that it was usable in all weather was built by the Minoans on the Mediterranean island of Crete in about 2000 bc.

33 Learning the basics Ice skates This skate is made from a leg bone of a horse. Dating from about ad 1200, it was inexpensive and did not rust. Oars c1100 bc O ars of various kinds are as old as boats, but were probably perfected by the Phoenicians, seafarers who came from an area that is now mainly Lebanon. By 1100 bc, they were the greatest traders in the eastern Mediterranean, and by 700 bc they had developed the bireme, a ship with an extra deck to allow for twice as many oars. Later, the Greeks developed this into the formidable trireme, a fighting ship with oars on three levels.

The first pens with a hard tip, split at the end to channel the ink, came from ancient Greece. They were still made from reeds, but scribes could produce finer writing with them. With the introduction of parchment (✷ see page 28), which was smoother than papyrus, most writers eventually switched to using the more flexible quill pens, which were made from long feathers. Reed cut and split at the end to hold the ink Pen tiP Early Greek documents were written with pens made from stiff reeds. Scribes often kept their pens in a wooden case.

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